Vision and Mission

Wash Day

Our Vision: Empowering Kenyan women through education to build a self-sufficient future for themselves, their children, and their community. Our Mission: To provide education and life skills for Kenyan teenage mothers and early childhood education for their children to break the cycle of poverty and create productive members of society. Our Values: Build respectful relationships [Read the full article…]

Steps Toward Change


Imara International operates a rescue home and training center for teenage mothers and their children. In Kenya, over 13,000 teenage girls drop out of school each year because they are pregnant. Most of them never complete school, and many are forced into early marriage. This home provides a safe and supportive environment where the young [Read the full article…]

Our Story

Carol Erickson, Imara International

The story of Imara International begins with our executive director, Carol Erickson. From an early age, Carol was drawn to care for orphans. When I was about 10, news broke in the United States about the gross mistreatment of orphans in what was then the USSR.  In church, we watched a video of the Romanian [Read the full article…]


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