A full day at Imara House

Kids in chairs

Kids in chairs

By Fred Hegele, Board of Directors
Imara International

Today is our first fully-scheduled day in the context of a normal routine at Imara House. Kristine spent the morning in the adult classroom with Teacher Stella. Sharon spent the day with the children and teacher Lydia. I assembled the manicure/pedicure chair for Ngina, a gift from Barb Kula. I don’t believe that Ngina has yet seen it, but it should be a memorable moment when she does.

Gipson, Imara day guard and gardener, needed to take the sheep out to the road up on the road for grazing. I took on the task of repairing the perimeter fence in a few spots near the ground so Oscar’s five puppies could enjoy some freedom outside their small confined area. You can be so proud of me that we turned off the power to the electric fence before I started!

Later I had a new experience: I separated the cream from the whole milk delivered this morning by the farmer down the road. Grace and I made a “Cream Separation Team” and then Sicily our social worker joined us. This wonderful cream separator device from Ukraine was a gift from Darrell Kula. Darrell, to the best of my knowledge, it was still in fine operating condition when I finished. I am hoping that I might be able to help convert the cream into butter on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on Carol’s daily assignments for me.

After lunch, Carol, Sandy and I went downtown to met with a young man who sent us an Imara Enterprise Model for teaching our moms about entrepreneurial skills to enable them to start and run small businesses. We spent about 90 minutes together and agreed on some next steps to determine if there is a mutual opportunity.

One of our babies, Meshach, had a tough day. Since birth on November 15, 2015, life has been challenging. In view of weight loss during the past week, little Meshach needed some medical attention today. By the grace of God, Kristine was here to assess, interpret, and advocate for one of our precious gifts from God. Mother Grace, who is young and on a steep learning curve as a mom, was greatly served today by Kristine and Sandy. We have an action plan with another pediatrician appointment next Monday. Keep Grace and Meshach in your thoughts and prayers through the nights and days to come.