An active day

By Fred Hegele, Board of Directors
Imara International


The finish of our work day at the Imara Home this afternoon was totally centered on having fun with the children. While Kristine was providing a presentation on cerebral palsy to the moms and the staff, the rest of the mission team and the kids did wild and crazy things with swings, tricycles, running games, catch-me-if-you-can, complete with laughing and screaming and full-scale family-style fun and games. Totally unplanned as it was, and probably frustrating to Sharon who had carefully planned a bubble-wrap art project, the Good Lord arranged a total Plan-B for all of us, creating some memories that will have legs.

About our planned activities today: the first science project started, computer training occurred, the inventory system is growing in quantity and quality, the water tower platform was completed, and Sharon offered an amazing devotion about God’s answers and scriptural references to thirteen of our common-everyday responses to life’s challenges. For example, when we say “I am not smart enough to deal with this,” God says, “I will give you wisdom.” 1 Corinthians 1:30 reveals, “He is the source of your life in Christ Jesus, who became for us wisdom from God and righteousness and sanctification and redemption.” Sharon has twelve more examples of daily doubt and frustrations which I expect she will gladly share.

Great thanks to Kristine for enlightening all about cerebral palsy which on the surface directly affects one of our children, but in actuality, any suffering within the family affects everyone at the Imara Home, the Imara staff, the Imara Board, and the entire Imara community.

Some might wonder, if God loves us, why must we suffer? While we can’t totally get beneath the news, weather and sports to fully ponder suffering, illness, disability in this brief daily update, we do know that suffering produces intimacy with God (remember Job?). Suffering also equips us with compassion for others, and enables us to better serve others. And Isaiah 48:10 reminds us about the refining that occurs in us when we are tested in the furnace of affliction. I believe the Imara family is better, more blessed and increasingly able to more fully serve the Kenyan community as a result of today’s events.

We believe that we are here for a purpose and we simply need to stay in touch, to discern and be faithful. I give great thanks and praise for this group of six mission team-ers. We are blessed to be here together.