The Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day to my fellow US citizens. Here in Kenya is the just the July 4th.  It is a little strange and sad being away from home on a holiday that I so enjoy (especially when my… Read More

Embracing the ordinary

Matatu Man by meaduva (CC by-nd-2.0)

As I sit down to write this blog post the power flickered on for the first time since this morning.  I was going to work on a “let’s all feel bad for Carol in Kenya with no power… Read More

Houses – to rent or not to rent

I am in Nanyuki. The weather has been cool, and it usually rains in the evenings. Because of all of the rain, the countryside is lush and green. It is very beautiful. Yesterday we looked at several houses…. Read More

Departure and arrival

Hello! I arrived in Nairobi late last night.  It is now almost 10 pm. For those in Minneapolis, I am 8 hours ahead; for those in Seattle, 10 hours ahead. 🙂 My flights went well and the flight… Read More

Getting started

In 36 days I will move to Kenya. For 1202 days or maybe my entire life, I have been getting ready to move to Kenya. Why, besides the fact that God is calling me there? I am going because… Read More