Cornerstones for the future

By Carol Erickson, Executive Director
Imara International

The Imara International Gala is under a week away, and I can’t wait for the big event! For the first time, I have gotten to be part of all that goes into getting this event planned (usually I am in Kenya). I am continually blessed by the smart and dedicated people who have put heart and soul into making sure the Gala will be a success. I hope you will be joining us November 6th as we celebrate all that God is doing in and through Imara International.

What is success? Most people measure success in dollar signs, but for Imara, it is so much more. Cornerstones. Cornerstones provide an anchor. Pillars that hold a foundations in place. That is what success is for Imara International. Providing what the young women and their children need to be firmly anchored on a foundation that lasts. A foundation of Faith, Education, Skills and Parenting. Of course we need those dollars to get it done, lots of dollars, and thanks to all of you being willing to be part of events like this we will get the money part done. But it is the lasting effects that I would like to highlight.

Education empowers. It gives the girls at Imara a chance to dream of what their futures might be. For each girl it looks a little different, but no matter what level they attain, it matters. Not only does education matter for the moms, it matters for their children. Research has proven over and over the importance of early childhood education and how it impact all future learning. Their little cornerstones are being anchored and their foundations established.

Skills. Life skill and job skills give confidence. Knowing that you are good at something and that those skills are marketable and needed in the community. Whether baking, sewing or cosmetology, the girls are learning practical, hands-on techniques that will prepare them for the workforce or to go on to future schooling. For our girls headed to trade school, we aim to send them in armed with the knowledge and skills to be top of their class!

I am super excited that Kristine Michael gets to share her story at the Gala. She will talk about our parenting cornerstone. During her last trip to Kenya she was used by God in an amazing way. I won’t give her story away. It is always such a blessing to watch God bring the right people at the right time.

Last, but really first, is Faith. Faith is the cornerstone that makes all the others matter. It is our grounding, the cement that hold the foundation together. My greatest desire is that the girls and children would know how important they are to Jesus and how much He loves them. This is Imara’s highest goal and calling as a ministry. It is through faith that lives, ours here and in Kenya, will be transformed.

I can’t wait to see you at the Gala. It is going to be a great night.