God is GOOD!

This is a blessed Thanksgiving week indeed! This week, we have had multiple prayers answered!

First and most important, we officially opened our doors! We have three beautiful girls living with us now. Our first girl came on Monday, and she brought with her a precious 6 month old baby girl.  She has settled in well and shows great leadership skills. Yesterday we welcomed two new girls into the family.  One is expecting a baby in January and the other has a very sweet 6 month old baby girl.  We are so blessed to have each one with us, and we are so excited to get to know them each better. They are currently in the living room learning hand games.  I can hear their giggles as they try to figure it out and not be “out.”

Second, after weeks of praying, we have a puppy coming the first week of December.  It seems that good dogs are hard to come by here. It is very important that we have a watch dog and this sweet German Shepherd puppy will be perfect.  We are looking forward to welcoming her into the family!

Third, and for those of you who read about the bunk beds, don’t laugh, but we finally got the table that I mentioned briefly in that post fixed.  The table top was terribly finished and the carpenter has been going to come for weeks (I think he was hoping that I would forget).  It was finally finished yesterday after at least 10 trips to remind him.  This may seem small, but it is huge that it actually got done!  We are grateful that we are now eating off a clean table.

God is good and we are so thankful for all that he is doing. 

Sorry this is a quick post but I only have a couple of minutes to get this out before duty calls.  I feel like a new mom.  I barely had time to brush my hair. 🙂

Blessing to you all!