Green acres

Corn field

By Fred Hegele, Board of Directors
Imara International

Sunday is worship day in Kenya as in many other parts of the Christian world. As Kristine and I sat on Sophy’s back porch before breakfast, we heard the spiritual singing across the river and through the woods to the rear of her property. Sophy is in Nairobi this weekend and will return Sunday evening, so we are in full charge of the house and the dogs. So far we haven’t locked ourselves out or in!

Carol accompanied the Imara family in a matatu to church, while Sandy picked us up in the Imara SUV for the fifteen-minute jaunt to Nanyuki Vineland Church. When we arrived, some of the children were singing in their Sunday school room while Caleb and Sharon burned off some steam outside on the grass.

We are warmly welcomed by Pastor Robinson and others at the start of the 10:30 a.m. worship service. Today’s message comes from Acts 16:16-34. Pastor Robinson used this scripture to talk about habits and curses. He talked about developing good habits like praying, worshiping, smiling, and trusting Him. Beautiful thought! As for curses, he talked about the curse of busyness, which surely caught the attention of us Americans.

After church, we traveled to the “promised land” to see our crops and to once again see the dream of Imara Village site. The maize crop towers over my head, probably more than seven feet high. I peeled back the husks on one ear; it looks like a terrific crop.

The high waters from last week’s heavy rain have subsided, but we see the evidence throughout the lower five-plus acres of our land. The river bank has moved back a foot or more, so it was indeed a major rain event.

There is some fruit on our citrus trees and the tomato trees. It was really good to be on our land—and it is legally in the ownership of Imara International-Kenya as of January 1, 2016. We also remembered the spiritual dedication of last January 2015, when we were last here, and we imagined the official groundbreaking for the Main Building that should occur in the first half of 2016.