Imara International statement on October 22 incident

  • Nanyuki house attacked by thugs on the evening of October 22
  • Security watchman sustained serious bruises in attack
  • Emergency response and subsequent support by community has been a blessing

The Imara International house in Nanyuki, Kenya was attacked by four men on the evening of October 22, in an apparent robbery attempt. After discovering the men at the rear entrance, the house watchman was attacked and overcome by the men. After being unable to enter the house, the men left.

In response to calls for help, twenty men from the community arrived, ready to defend the house and its occupants. They were soon joined by four armed members of the local Timau Community Patrol. After verifying that the house was secure and its occupants (including Executive Director Carol Erickson) were uninjured, Community Patrol members and Erickson took the watchman to the district hospital for treatment.

According to Erickson, “The men who showed up to protect us were amazing. The Timau Community Patrol said they had never seen a community respond like this for a mzungu (foreigner’s) home. The Timau Community Patrol got here quickly, brought crime dogs and armed guards to make sure our compound was secure.“

“The whole community knows what happened,” continued Erickson. “Many of my friends have called or stopped by to make sure that everyone is OK and to see if there is anything they can do. My small fellowship group that I meet with each week is coming to prayer walk the property today.”

Unfortunately, attacks such as this are not unexpected in Kenya. White foreigners are presumed to be wealthy and in possession of valuables and cash. Security measures taken by Imara International are being evaluated and enhanced to ensure the safety and well-being of all on the premises.

“The plight of Kenyan pregnant teens, teen mothers, and their children is ongoing. The mission of Imara International is absolutely vital,” said Larry Welliver, chairman of the board of directors. “In partnership with the local community, and with God’s grace, we will soon admit our first clients to a safe and secure home in the Nanyuki house.”