It’s a wrap

Finished sandbox, March 23, 2014

By David Ching, Board of Directors
Imara International

David Ching is leading the March mission trip to the Imara House in Nanyuki this month. Check the Imara International Facebook page for more updates from the mission trip.

(March 25, 2014) Today was the last full day of work at the Imara House for the team. We started the day with devotions that were led by Carol. After we finished devotions, we helped Ken the day guard fix a water leak that was discovered in the service line. That was finished around noon. We also worked on finishing some of the projects that were started such as final grading around the sandbox and patio (veranda), blocks for lifting one of the tables to accommodate the height of chests that are stored under it and general cleanup of the areas.

Lee and Evie spent time in the morning working with the girls on math, reading, correcting tests and other educational activities. This afternoon, Neal helped as well and went through some experiments with them regarding magnetic fields and magnetism and created an electromagnet. They were quite interested in this. Evie worked with them on using the microscope and that was a hit as well. As they were taking several tests today, Shirley and Lee spent much time correcting tests and reviewing them with the girls.

We had a dinner that the girls prepared: chicken (they loved it), mashed potatoes, and green beans, and a surprise from Evie the Chef: fudge. It was a big hit with everyone. The dinner time was very festive and made us realize how the girls and their babies have changed in a positive way from the last time we saw them.

We know that we have to leave tomorrow and it will be hard to do that. But, we are happy to have been on this mission trip and look forward to the future successes that we will all experience.