Kenyan manicure

Ngina gives manicure to Fred

Ngina gives manicure to Fred

By Fred Hegele, Board of Directors
Imara International

Today was a historic one for Imara International-Kenya. We were summoned to Laikipia County Court as part of the legal process of being a rescue center. Carol and Sandy, and social worker Sicily, took the Imara family to the courthouse at 2:00 p.m. for a legal hearing in front of a judge. Each mom and each child were individually considered by the judge and ultimately confirmed to the care of Imara International. Much documentation on each person has been prepared for submission to the court prior to the hearing. Carol reports that all went smoothly — another step forward for the Imara rescue center.

An interesting side story to the courtroom experience was the presence of a Babies Home group with eight infants and three adults. As you can imagine, three adults, six arms and eight babies create an interesting exercise in coordination, control and simple sanity. So what do you think is about to happen? Our Imara moms stepped in and helped with several of the babies in their laps. Our kids for the most part are old enough to sit beside mom and, in fact, helped entertain their new-found baby friends. Several of our Imara moms instinctively shared some snacks with the babies. Do you think that Carol and Sandy are imparting some good Christian values?

Sharon and Kristine continue their education work with teachers Lydia (children) and Stella (moms). Sharon presented the pictures and letters from Bloom Early Learning & Child Care at Messiah Church back in Plymouth. The kids were excited, and Lydia wants to prepare some pictures for Sharon to deliver to Bloom upon her return.

We had a staff meeting in the afternoon to present Imara International core values and the early history of Carol’s missionary journey leading up to today’s Imara family and home. Afterwards, when the family returned from the courthouse, ice cream with syrup and whipping cream appeared, causing song and dance to break out with kids, moms, staff, and team celebrating a great moment of joy around the great room.

We also made some repairs to a bedroom door latch, fencing around the raised garden beds, and an injured sheep (long ago named Winston Churchill by the moms).

Ngina received the manicure/pedicure chair from Barb Kula and provided Kristine and me with our first manicures.

We are getting ready for our first Board Meeting for Imara International-Kenya tomorrow.