Leaving for rainy Nanyuki

plane taxi

By Fred Hegele, Board of Directors
Imara International

Kristine Michael, Sharon, and I are on board our flight for Amsterdam. We are talking nine pieces of checked luggage, each weighing between 30 and 49 pounds, filled with supplies for the Imara House, ranging from hoodies, flip flops, towels, washcloths, yellow cake mix (Betty Crocker of course), lots of brown sugar, and cosmetics, to manicure chair complete with wheels.

In her phone call this morning, Carol said they harvested about 5000 pounds of potatoes on our new property. Carol says we were lucky to get them out of the ground and into a storage shed, where they will await a better market price in a month or so. Carol says that many people are losing their crop of potatoes to rot due to the El Niño rainy season in the Rift Valley.

In a season that is normally hot and dry, Carol says that it just keeps raining. She gave Sandy high praise for driving the Imara SUV pulling a trailer through incredibly powerful rains and mud, mud, mud, mud. It’s a good thing I brought my gum boots this year!