Mission trip projects

Patio and sandbox

Patio and sandbox

By David Ching, Board of Directors
Imara International

David Ching is leading the March mission trip to the Imara House in Nanyuki this month. Check the Imara International Facebook page for more updates from the mission trip.

(March 22, 2014) Neal and I worked on fine tuning the patio (sweeping, cleaning, etc.). We also laid some blocks in front of the patio that we put the flower boxes on. The girls then filled the flower boxes and planted flowers and plants in the flower boxes. As one of our tasks, Neal and I spent a little time in Nanyuki to see if we could purchase two tables with benches since we are not going to have time to build them while we are here. We looked at two options but still may wait for the next mission team to build them. When we returned, we started on building the sand box for the kids. We already know they love the sand!

Evie and Lee spent much of the day finishing up inventorying books, holding and walking with the babies and going to the market to purchase cabbage and other vegetables for the Parents Day that will be held today (current Kenya time). They also spent a lot of time working with the girls as they all worked hard to cook and bake for the Parents Day event. We also picked up, washed windows and performed other chores to make sure that Imara House and surroundings for all of the parents and relatives that will be coming.