Packing up to move Imara House

Packing to move Imara House

By Carol Erickson, Executive Director
Imara International

Imara is on the move!

After 6 amazing years in our rental, we decided it is time to move.

We found a new rental just a few kilometers south of Nanyuki town. Even though it isn’t very far from our current location, we are moving from the northern to the southern hemisphere! The new location has more space so everyone can spread out a bit and there is room for us to expand our educational and skills programs.

As you can probably imagine, this is no small job! Sandy and Imara Staff are doing an amazing job packing up a home, a school and a preschool all at once. The moms and kids packed up their belongings before they went home for Easter and will return to the new Imara location.

We are excited for the opportunities that will come with our new location and are grateful for all we learned and experienced in what will always be the “place where Imara started.”