Holiday greetings with love from Sandy

Sandy Skorczewski

By Sandy Skorczewski
Director of Operations – Kenya
Imara International
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Season’s greetings from Nanyuki, Kenya! I send you blessings and an update on my mission with the moms and their children here at Imara International. With your faithful support, we are truly making a difference. Here are two success stories:

A beautiful and talented young lady with a great desire to succeed says “thank you” for all the support I give to her. Today she thanked me for being more than a mom to her, and more than her mom could ever be for her, because I set the bar high, while being an example, teaching her to press on to a higher mark. She said all this with eye contact (not common here) and tears of gratitude rolling down her face.

A mother of one of our young moms doesn’t speak English, yet we communicate. During Family Day this year, she took me aside and had one of our matrons translate for her. She shared her gratitude with me for who we are and what we do.
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Cornerstones for the future

By Carol Erickson, Executive Director
Imara International

The Imara International Gala is under a week away, and I can’t wait for the big event! For the first time, I have gotten to be part of all that goes into getting this event planned (usually I am in Kenya). I am continually blessed by the smart and dedicated people who have put heart and soul into making sure the Gala will be a success. I hope you will be joining us November 6th as we celebrate all that God is doing in and through Imara International.

What is success? Most people measure success in dollar signs, but for Imara, it is so much more. Cornerstones. Cornerstones provide an anchor. Pillars that hold a foundations in place. That is what success is for Imara International. Providing what the young women and their children need to be firmly anchored on a foundation that lasts. A foundation of Faith, Education, Skills and Parenting. Of course we need those dollars to get it done, lots of dollars, and thanks to all of you being willing to be part of events like this we will get the money part done. But it is the lasting effects that I would like to highlight.

Education empowers. It gives the girls at Imara a chance to dream of what their futures might be. For each girl it looks a little different, but no matter what level they attain, it matters. Not only does education matter for the moms, it matters for their children. Research has proven over and over the importance of early childhood education and how it impact all future learning. Their little cornerstones are being anchored and their foundations established.

Skills. Life skill and job skills give confidence. Knowing that you are good at something and that those skills are marketable and needed in the community. Whether baking, sewing or cosmetology, the girls are learning practical, hands-on techniques that will prepare them for the workforce or to go on to future schooling. For our girls headed to trade school, we aim to send them in armed with the knowledge and skills to be top of their class!
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Redefining mzungu: Sandy’s story

Sandy Skorczewski - Imara International

By Joe Abe

Kenyans call Sandy Skorczewski “mzungu,” which simply means “white person” in Swahili. After learning more about Sandy, when I hear mzungu, I think about “perseverance.” In the third issue of Mjumbe Imara, I began to tell Sandy Skoczewski’s story. After interviewing her, she told me stories about her calling to Africa, life lessons, and adventures outside of Imara. It’s difficult to fit such an extraordinary experience into a short article in Mjumbe Imara, so allow me to elaborate.

The summer of 2009, Boy Scout Troop 570 caravanned out to the Beartooth Mountains of Montana. Why is this significant? It was on this trip that I spent a whole week hiking through the Montana wilderness at 9,000 feet elevation and 40 pounds on my back with Sandy and her son, Dylan. Up in the mountains, we carried everything with us: food, pots and pans, stoves, tents, sleeping bags, rain gear, and clean underwear. I remember hitting the first camp for the day and feeling exhausted, throwing my tent up, and passing out on my sleeping bag.

Sandy was in my hiking group and carried on with a quiet but unwavering perseverance. That was what I remembered most about her. Despite long days traversing rocky terrain, braving wind and rain and whiny Boy Scouts, Sandy did what she does best: persevere.

Perseverance is an integral part of Sandy’s identity. For over 15 years, she raised her two children, Dylan and Jake, as a single mom. On top of that, she was a big supporter of Dylan’s participation in Troop 570, driving him an hour every Monday night to meetings and getting involved in the Troop’s activities. Being an active scout parent is no easy feat. After Boy Scouts, another challenge knocked on her door. Read More

Containing our excitement!

Container arrives

By Carol Erickson, Executive Director
Imara International

We have containers!

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but for Imara it is huge. We have been working on getting containers out to our new land for two years. Thanks to one of our Kenyan board members, Brian, they have arrived.  Aren’t they beautiful? There is hardly a scratch or dent on them. That is pretty much a miracle for a retired sea-going container!

These containers provide a safe, and secure spot for us to store supplies as we get our building project started.  It is a sign that we are getting very close to breaking ground for our first building in the Imara Village. For those of you who have walked with Imara from the beginning, you know that the building project has been slowly, but steadily moving forward.

We are excited to announce that if everything goes as planned, we will break ground in the beginning of November. You never know with Kenya, but in the midst of delays we have seen God do amazing things and bring about opportunities for Imara and our future plans that we never thought possible.

If you are considering being part of the January 2017 Mission Trip to Imara, guess what you get to do? That team will be painting the containers inside and out to make sure that they remain rust free and beautiful for years to come.  If you happen to have some extra painting skills, you could even paint the Imara logo on the outside.  It will be great fun and such a help.  You will get a front seat view of the building project.  You will get to watch the first Imara Village building being built while you paint.

PHOTOS: Family day reconnects moms with families

Family Day 2016-001

By Carol Erickson, Executive Director
Imara International

Family Day 2016 was a great day at Imara.  We loved welcoming all of the Imara friends and family to our home.  The day was spent reconnecting with family and celebrating the accomplishments of each of the girls and their children. The girls presented poems and music and the kids wowed everyone with their Bible verse recitation!

One of the great blessings of the day was hearing from the family members.  We gave them an opportunity to talk to the girls and give them advice.  It was amazing to hear what they had to say and how they emphasized the importance of education. Everyone participated in the afternoon and it of course ended with some delicious food! It was a fantastic day to celebrate all that the Imara girls have accomplished!

Family Day 2016-002


Family Day 2016-003


Family Day 2016-004