Saturday scrapbooking


By Fred Hegele, Board of Directors
Imara International

Saturday at the Imara House is a day of chores: lots of laundry and cleaning. Two of the moms and one matron went to the market in town to buy produce for the coming week. Then they came home to wash, trim, cut, and prepare food for the meals to come. No school today, but early childhood teacher Lydia was on duty to care for the children while moms worked and shopped. Everyone had a chore and every task had an owner—a neat and well-organized system.

Kristine organized a Scrapbooking Day for the families. It was great fun to see the kids and the moms separately sort through the collection of pictures in Carol’s files over the past several years to pick just the right ones. Thank you, Kristine for your planning and organizing skills— and your patience.

Sharon had a “grandma day” surrounded by kids indoors and out. The swings got some serious attention today. She may decide to stay here until they all grow up, since it’s impractical to bring them all home with her!

Carol, Sandy, and I spent some time planning and organizing. We are looking forward to the next couple of years as construction on the Main Building starts, some of the moms complete their education goals, and some of the kids start kindergarten. The only constant at Imara House is change. The rate of change seems to accelerate each year as the families mature, the kids grow up, and frankly, the government rules do not make our life any easier. Imara International is growing and adapting and anticipating.

We are so blessed that God has sent Carol and Sandy to this mission. These two women have arisen to every challenge. They grow with each step. They walk closer to God as their roles evolve. I feel privileged to live in their shadow for a few days and witness the hands and feet of God. Thank you Carol and Sandy, and God bless you both.