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Winter mission team arrives

Winter 2017 Mission Team

By Fred Hegele, Board of Directors Imara International Saturday – Sunday Our Saturday flight from Minneapolis was delayed causing a missed connection in Amsterdam. So we are rebooked through London arriving in Nairobi at 5 a.m. on Monday…. Read More

January mission trip: Day One impressions

Imara and girls group

By Fred Hegele and Barb Kula Imara International Board of Directors A day of anticipation and travel, started by having a hearty omelet for breakfast at the Mennonite Guest House and shopping at the Nakumatt for snacks for… Read More

Sandy Skorczewski starts work at Imara house

One month ago today I stepped off a plane and set my feet on Kenyan soil to follow God’s call on my life. The country is beautiful to say the least.

January mission trip begins

African Inland Church, Nanyuki

The flights to Nairobi were uneventful. We had 26 suitcases and 13 carry-ons with us. One piece of luggage was left at the Paris airport, but we did get it the next day. Carol and the moms are fine. The babies look great. Five of them are walking and some of them are saying their first words. The newest arrival to the house, Sereh, is due to have her baby any day. We had a false alarm Friday as Carol and Kathy rushed her to the hospital.

Kenya trip: Day 3


This is the first in a series of reports from the April 2013 Imara International mission team visit to the Imara house in Nanyuki, Kenya. By Larry Welliver, Chairman Board of Directors Imara International Yesterday was an amazing… Read More

Dol Dol Adventures


I am not sure how to put yesterday into words.  It was 12 hours that might take 12 pages to adequately describe. Yesterday, Jayne and I picked up two new teen moms.  I should have learned by now… Read More

Departure and arrival

Hello! I arrived in Nairobi late last night.  It is now almost 10 pm. For those in Minneapolis, I am 8 hours ahead; for those in Seattle, 10 hours ahead. 🙂 My flights went well and the flight… Read More