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Green acres

Corn field

Sunday is worship day in Kenya as in many other parts of the Christian world. As Kristine and I sat on Sophy’s back porch before breakfast, we heard the spiritual singing across the river and through the woods to the rear of her property. Sophy is in Nairobi this weekend and will return Sunday evening, so we are in full charge of the house and the dogs. So far we haven’t locked ourselves out or in!

A look back at 2015 from the Imara House

Merry Christmas

It’s amazing that 2015 is coming to a close. The time goes by quickly and changes happen all around us, no matter where we are or what we are doing. It is exciting for me to step back and reflect on all that has been happening and share some parts of that with you.

Visiting the Imara Village property

We started out the day with a trip to the future Imara Village property where observed the final touches being put on our first building on the property – a toilet!

New property dedication

Blessing the Gate 2015-01-25

It is Sunday night following a day of memories forever. The moms, babies, staff, and mission team traveled to our new property this morning for a dedication. We arrived mid-morning and gathered near the main gate which is currently being installed. The Main Building to be located just inside the gate, carefully staked out with string will be the first construction to begin very soon, as soon as the legal process is completed.

Anticipating dedication day

New property

It is Friday night in Nanyuki and we are rejoicing after another great day.

January mission trip safari and projects

On Monday (January 27), we all went to Ol Pegeta Conservancy on a one-day safari. We were picked up at 5:30 a.m. and actually arrived at the safari park before it opened. As the sun rose, we were greeted by the sight of two large white rhinos. What a sight to start the day! As the day proceeded we saw dozens of large and small animals and birds in the wild.

January mission trip begins

African Inland Church, Nanyuki

The flights to Nairobi were uneventful. We had 26 suitcases and 13 carry-ons with us. One piece of luggage was left at the Paris airport, but we did get it the next day. Carol and the moms are fine. The babies look great. Five of them are walking and some of them are saying their first words. The newest arrival to the house, Sereh, is due to have her baby any day. We had a false alarm Friday as Carol and Kathy rushed her to the hospital.

Lives changed, empowered in 2013


The lives of a handful of young Kenyan mothers and their babies took a new turn in 2013, thanks to the love and hard work of staff and volunteers of Imara International. On December 8, at the “Faces… Read More