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A normal day


Try to imagine a calm, uneventful day at the Imara House. That was today.

Our hands, God’s plans

Tie Dye

Today is the half-way point on this journey. My goodness, have we already achieved half of our mission? God knows more about our calendar than our best-laid plans. Our time in Kenya is an apt reminder that God makes the plans.

Kenyan manicure

Ngina gives manicure to Fred

Today was a historic one for Imara International-Kenya.

A full day at Imara House

Kids in chairs

Today is our first fully-scheduled day in the context of a normal routine at Imara House.

Saturday at The Market

Market Mission Trippers-001

So, what Saturday morning in Nanyuki, Kenya does not begin at The Market?

Dressed to serve

Photo by Kevin Walsh, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

It is Friday night and we are in Nanyuki. Today was another day of travel and transition.

Leaving for rainy Nanyuki

Kristine Michael, Sharon, and I are on board our flight for Amsterdam.

Asante sana (thank you)

Mission trippers

By Barb Kula, Board of Directors Imara International Just a quick wrap up from our trip to Imara: all are back in the U.S. and hopefully over any jet lag! Everyone worked so hard and did a great… Read More

The beehive of activity

This was our last full day at Imara House. Everyone was feeling a little anxiety about finishing the work we had hoped to get done. So we all worked extra hard today.

Fruits of Africa

New fruit for breakfast: custard apple fruit. It’s an odd looking thing. There were mixed reviews from the team. Those of us who liked it thought it tasted like a creamy pear.