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Future plans

This morning, the team split up. Half of the team went to market with Sandy to buy produce and the other half went to Imara House.

Fashion day

It’s fashion day in Nanyuki. Today the moms got all dressed up with prom dresses that U.S. folks donated. Fun to dress up, and these teen moms were absolutely stunning!

Days for girls

It was another day of celebrations at Imara House. Today the moms had a baby shower for the soon-to-be moms. Earlier in the week, the moms had asked that we have a shower to make the new moms feel more welcome.

Happy birthday

We are settling into a routine of sorts — well, as much of a routine as outdoor activities interrupted by thunderstorms and a house filled with seven toddlers and nine teenage moms will allow.

Lights, camera…

Day Two at Imara House was again a day of sorting and taking inventory for many of us. The goal is to make it easy for Sandy and Carol to find things that moms or babies need and to create space for sewing, manicures, and crafts.

New faces

Today was a day of new faces for all of us — even for those had been at Imara House since the beginning.

First days

The September mission trip travelers arrived at MSP airport and had a quick curbside check in on Friday, September 18. It was a long, uneventful trip.


It was a very eventful day as we had an incredibly fulfilling homecoming as Sofie, one of the Imara girls that left Imara in February, came back to Imara. It was an unfolding of events that no one could have predicted.

Noah’s ark and lasagna

It was a busy day for all as Carol, Sandy, and I met with a contractor, architect and two of our Imara Kenya board members on finalizing the site and building layouts.

Visiting the Imara Village property

We started out the day with a trip to the future Imara Village property where observed the final touches being put on our first building on the property – a toilet!