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Sandy settles in

Sandy at Nanyuki House

As you all know, in April I said goodbye to friends and family and went to follow God’s call on my life with Imara International in Kenya. The country is beautiful to say the least. It has been a great learning experience in many ways and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t learn something new.

Sandy Skorczewski starts work at Imara house

One month ago today I stepped off a plane and set my feet on Kenyan soil to follow God’s call on my life. The country is beautiful to say the least.

It’s a wrap

Today was the last full day of work at the Imara House for the team.

Parents Day

Parents Day was well attended as almost forty people attended. This number included both Imara staff, mission trippers, and the girls’ families. A great program was developed that everyone enjoyed.

Mission trip projects

Patio and sandbox

Neal and I worked on fine tuning the patio (sweeping, cleaning, etc.). We also laid some blocks in front of the patio that we put the flower boxes on.

Traveling to make the world a better place

Listening to a TED talk

Whenever I travel, whether it be internationally or domestic, there is one moment from each trip that seems to exemplify how small and interconnected the world really is. That moment on my recent trip to Kenya happened on my last night at the Imara International girls’ home.

Leaving Kenya… stay tuned

Saying goodbye to the Imara girls was anticlimactic. They expect that I will be back soon so it was more of a “see you soon” kind of a send-off.

Teen pregnancy in Kenya

As I have been traveling through Kenya for the past two weeks, I have seen many boarding schools for both boys and girls and also many children’s homes for orphans. But when a teen girl becomes pregnant, often against her will, there are few options.

Zebras and…

Our day started early with the hour long journey past Noromoro to the district dispensary. The road was “not so bad”, but rough enough to knock out all my fillings. The road travels along a game ranch, so despite the bladder jarring bumps my heart was filled with joy as I saw my first zebra…a herd, in fact.

Meeting moms

I traveled five hours from the southwestern portion of Kenya to Nairobi this morning and was met by Stephen, a matatu driver (taxi), who transported me another three hours to Nanyuki. The landscape changed dramatically from tropical hills to the semi-arid plains beneath Mount Kenya, each beautiful in their own way. When I arrived at Imara at dinnertime, I was greeted by six toddlers and one baby, all being readied for dinner by their mothers, ages 16-18.