The Lord’s day

Nanyuki Vineyard Church

Nanyuki Vineyard Church

By Fred Hegele, Board of Directors
Imara International

This is the day the Lord hath made, and let us rejoice in it. We attended worship from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Nanyuki Vineyard Church, on the Liv Estate, Air Force Road, near BATUK Military Camp. This is the church that has warmly welcomed and embraced the Imara family. The Imara moms participated in the worship service, some singing songs in English and Swahili and others delivering messages for the week. The Imara children participated in part of the worship service from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. before going to their own Kid’s Church classes with teachers Rose and Triza.

This is the faith community that has, in many ways, opened the Christian pathway for our moms, including communion on the first Sunday of each month and baptism. The moms and kids spend most of the day on Sunday at the church, including Worship Practice held after the service up to 3:00 p.m. They love Sundays.

Pastor Robinson Njue is a great friend of Imara. He is a member of our new Board of Directors for Imara International, Kenya, the non-profit (NGO) that owns our land for the Village legally established on January 1, 2016. We are so grateful for Pastor Robinson’s friendship, as he has taken a personal interest in our family and regularly communicates with Carol and Sandy about his observations, suggestions and prayers. We look forward to growing closer and closer to Pastor Robinson in faith, in service and in friendship. Thank your dear God for bringing us together.

Vineyard is a biblical metaphor meaning God’s people or the community where God is at work. VINEYARD started in southern California as a bible study. Founder John Wimber led other Pastors to form the present Association of VINEYARD Churches Worldwide.

After worship and some social time with other church members, Carol received a text from Brian, another Board member, who was in town and available to receive the new tablet that we brought to him from the U.S. Brian was excited! Sandy noticed that one of the tires on our vehicle looked low, so we went to tire shop for a repair of a leaky valve stem. Thank goodness for Sandy, the observant one, who saved us a flat tire experience on the road.

At the suggestion of Kristine, the team, together with Carol and Sandy, enjoyed lunch at Trout Tree Restaurant, which is a tree house built over a trout stream. It is fully equipped with several varieties of monkeys that provide great entertainment for the diners and a constant challenge for the staff (the monkeys love people-food). The monkeys are very clever in finding access to food throughout the restaurant and quickly retreating to the tree limbs within a split second. Who said that monkeys can’t fly? Great fun for tourists and diners as long as the target food is on someone else’s table.

Back at Sophy’s we had a planning meeting to scope out the week, decide on roles and responsibilities, set daily activities and to help us all to be on the same page. Our Dressed to Serve devotion for the day was on kindness. We shared personal experiences and thoughts about kindness observed, experienced and about opportunities to exercise kindness. It was good.