Steps Toward Change

Imara International operates a rescue home and training center for teenage mothers and their children. In Kenya, over 13,000 teenage girls drop out of school each year because they are pregnant. Most of them never complete school, and many are forced into early marriage.

This home provides a safe and supportive environment where the young women can complete their high school education, and their children can receive an early childhood education program. The women will learn job and life skills that empower them to become financially independent, provide for their children, and have hope for the future.

At the tableImara’s moms are breaking social and educational barriers, advancing academically, emotionally and spiritually. We see a sense of confidence, nonexistent before Imara, in both moms and babies. As moms progress in their studies, supported by the local community, they become more confident in their skills and abilities to communicate and make decisions. These moms are gaining acceptance in the Kenyan community of Nanyuki. As the potential for employment and partnership with local merchants is becoming visible, our moms take their first steps in selling baked goods, beaded jewelry and hair care services in the community.